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The film is being adopted in various applications such as cable jacket,
condenser, motor insulation, flame retardant membrane touch switch and heat
resistant film for its superior electric property, humidity resistance, and heat
Our packaging film has superior gas and moisture barrier characteristics,
permitting its safe use in food packaging. It is easy to process when metallized
or laminated with PE and OPP. We supply this film in different grades to meet
each customer's specific requirements:
- Surface treated to increase bonding strength when Gravier-, Flexo-, or
- Corona treated
- Higher bonding strength grade when metallized with aluminum
- Transparent metallized grade
Tailored to meet customer needs, Excell for label applications is chemically
treated to produce excellent quality when UV- or Flexo-printed.
Because of its optical and transparent characteristics, graphic polyester film is
widely used in applications such as windows, layouts, anti-static, and OHP.
In addition to its chemical characteristics and dimension stability, it has a UV
barrier function that permits its use in high-end window, reflection, inkjet, and
photographic applications.
The key features of this film are its excellent process ability, optical properties,
tensile strength in machine direction(MD), dimension stability in transverse
direction,(TD) low elongation, and the ability to endure high tension and
temperatures, thereby minimizing shrinkage and wrinkles during use.
Our industrial films are used in a wide range of industrial applications such as
release coating, optical, leader tape, liner sheet, and stamping foil. Our high-
value-added products are use in the precision electronics, IT and
communications industries. Also available are films for packaging, hygiene,
agricultural, gardening, household goods, fabrics, wall coverings, filters, and
printing films.