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Filsid's Flat Sheet has been developed for folding boxes that are used in
cosmetics, stationeries, toys and other products.
- Excellent transparency and gloss
- High impact resistance
- Use hot-melt adhesives to bond sheet to itself
- Excellent printability for screen and offset printing
- A-PET Flat Sheet : Recommended for folding boxes and folders
- G/A/G Flat Sheet : Suitable for applications that are needed to meet the demand for easy printing, glueing &
                                        high impact resistance
- Both side masking film Sheet : Suitable for applications such as sun caps, nameplates, and displays
- Folding boxes
- Folders & Binders
- P.O.P Displays
- Plate for abalone breeding
- Other things : Calendar covers, etc
HR Sheet has been developed for use in applications where increased temperature resistance is desired.
HR Sheet maintain the transparency and toughness of sheets made of special grade resin but are engineered to
withstand temperatures of 20 degrees celcius or higher. HR is the 'hot' choice for thermoforming, printing, and
- Good temperature resistance
- Good printability : Good adhesion to ink(lithographic & screen printing)
- Compatible with water, solvent and UV ink systems
- Environmentally responsible material
- Available in high clarity gloss or textured finishes
- Available in sheet or roll stock
- Amorphous-won't crystallize or haze during processing
- Touch pads & decorative surfaces for microwaves, washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers
- Decorative shell for bike helmets
- Faces for handheld devices such as cell phones, remote controls, and PID's
- Automotive HVAC control panels
- Labels for industrial machines, containers, etc
- Medical trays
- Hot-fill food containers
Filsid's Bio Sheet 'FREBI' is a technically advanced sheet containing far-Infrared
ray which transforms into pet material and processed radiation of infrared rays in
normal temperature.
- Activation of human body by far-Infrared rays
- Maintaining of freshness for fruits and vegetables
- Improvement in quality of water by water activation
- Effectiveness of ripening for meats or fruits
- Maintaining of freshness : Case and tray for vegetables, fruits and egg
- Effectiveness of ripening : Containers and lids for soy bean sauces and seasoning ingredients
- Improvement in quality of water : Beverage cups and containers for aquarium, seeding tray and abalone tray
- Activation of human body : Case & trays for confectionery, sandwiches and living commodities
SS Sheet is a technically advanced sheet based on PET polymerization and Film
manufacturing technology. It is an upgrade sheet with better sealing and
thermoforming properties.
- Easy to thermoform under a wide range of temperatures
- Excellent printing suitability and adhesion
- Superiority for slip and cutting property
- Blister & Clamshell packaging
   Stationery (pen, ruler, scissors, knife, etc.)
   Living commodities (toothbrush, hairbrush, etc.)
   Children's toys
   Clothing (neck-tie, underwear)
   Automobile supplies and accessories
   Batteries, tools, electric wire coils, etc
   Medical (syringes, etc.)
Filsid's Anti-Static Sheet is a technically advanced sheet containing anti-static
material which transforms into PET resin.
- Excellent anti-static properties
- Silicone free, amide free
- Easy thermoforming
- Trays for electronic products & accessories
   carrier tape
   Intergrated circuit tray
- Trays for electrical products & accessories
   Motor components
Filsid's Anti-Fog Sheet is a technically advanced sheet by anti-fog agents.
It prevents condensation of moisture on sheet surfaces and exhibits anit-fogging
- Incorporated directly into plastic sheets to spread condensed water droplets
- In vegetables and fruit applications, it maintains transparency
- It complies with food contact regulations (FDA approved)
- For agricultural & food packaging
   Lunch boxes
   Fruits & vegetables
   Frozen foods