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- High melt-index for strong adhesive
- High quality BOPP film and EVA makes crystal clear image
- Extra ordinary adhesion for wide range paper and Inks
- Ultra low operating temperature for high speed operation
- Lay flat lamination
- Good chemical resistance
- Cost effective production width 2.2m and very high speed 350m/min co-extrusion
- Strong adhesive on film to glue(EVA) co-extrusion technology for double layer extrusion
- Super melt film for special quality ultra low melt and UV protection film for inkjet media and electrostatic print
- UV curing hard coated anti scuff Film
- EMBORIGHT film for Inline Embossing
- Order made surface corona treatment with antistatic treatment for free static laminating
- Environment friendly, pollution-free working Environment and Recyclable
- Customized color films are available colour Silver, Gold, Black and other Colors
- Customized composition films are available colour BOPP/EVA- 25/25, 25/50,50/75 etc
Posters, Presentation Folders, Labels, Books, Shopping Bag, POP Signs, Document, Book Covers, ID Cards,
License, Passports, Antigraffiti,Boardmaking, Write on/wipe off Calendars, Photographs, Albums
- Long term storage, prevention of forgery and alteration
- UV block for out door display and long life storage
- Optical effect refraction
- Surface embossing for touch feelling and beautiful figure and pattern
- Protection for harmful substances such as Anti-chemical,
- Anti-Solvent, Anti-Petroleum, Water-proof
- Anti-Scuff Hard Surface for scratch free
- View angle for polarizing angle or one way view
- Buisiness Lamination 25mm 58mm Core / 200m,300m Length
- Pro-Graphics Lamination 77mm Core / 300m, 1,000m Length
- Trade Lamination 58mm 77mm Core / 1,000m, 2,000m Length
- Commercial Lamination 77mm Core / 2,000m, 2750m, 3,000m Length
Commercial Lamination    Business Lamination     Trade Lamination    Prographics Lamination
for Commercial Lamination
Commercial Lamination
77mm Core
POLYNEX THERMAL Laminating Films ]
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss-20 20 3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss-25 25 2000,2750,3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss-30 30 2000,2750,3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt-23 23 3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt-28 28 2000,2750,3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt-30 30 2000,2750,3000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Emboright Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss Emboright-40 40 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Hard Coat Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss Antiscuff-37 37 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt Antiscuff-37 37 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss Board Mark-37 37 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal High Bond Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss HB-28 28 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt HB-31 31 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal UV-Supermelt Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss UV-Supermelt-35 35 -
POLYNEX Thermal Matt UV-Supermelt-35 35 -
POLYNEX Thermal Digital-Supermelt Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Gloss Digital-Supermelt-40 40 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Matt Digital-supermelt-43 43 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Silver Laminating Films
POLYNEX Thermal Silver Gloss-40 40 2000m-R200~800
POLYNEX Thermal Silver Gloss/Coat-40 40 2000m-R200~800