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Easy to use for outer rewinder tension control
Designed for dual film core and stronger unwinder shaft
Enhanced clutch function and esay to use for outer pressure tension knob
Hot and Cold Lamination
Speed and Temperature Control
Automatic power shut-off and stand-by system
Top and Bottom Independent Temperature Control
Cross Cutter for limited Web Removal
- Tension Control on Film Mandrel
- Speed Setting from 3m/min
- Sidelay on Feed Table
- Pre-set 13mm Gap for FOAMBOARD Mounting
- Variable Pressure Control
- No Special Power Supply Needed. Only Requires Standard Household Power Outlet

Superb laminating results on a wide range of standard laminating films from 25 micron to 500 micron, including
PHOTONEX soft touch film and CHROMONEX hard touch Film.

Features include variable speed, temperature and pressure control, LCD read-out, pre-set functions, mounting
facility, pouch lamination and cold film setting.

EXCELAM-Q1100RS/Q1670RS are the perfect machine to produce a wide range of services in a copy shop
environment or in a copy center, graphic printing shop and photoshop. Ideal for laminating posters, inkjet prints,
leaflets, maps wide photographs with superb results, and for truly professional mounting onto 13mm-thick