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High speed Laminating(Up to 5m/min)
Strengthen Main Motor for Drive Torque and its durablility
Rewinder connected to the powerful main motor
Easy to use for outer rewinder tension control
Designed for dual film core and stronger unwinder shaft
Capable of roller Max Temperature(Up to 150¡É)
Mounting Up to 13mm
Cross Cutter for Limited Web Removal
Sub Heating System(Upper Roller): 1600COMBI/RS
Top Rewinder for Release Liner
EXCELAM-Q is the perfect machine to procedure wide range of service in a copy shop environment or as a print
finishing. Ideal for laminating posters, ink-jet prints, leaflets and maps with superb results and for truly professional
mounting up to 13mm GMP LAMIFOAM(Foamboard).

Super laminating results on wide ranges of Cold laminating films from 25, 50 micron GMP Crystalex Film(Polyester
Base Cold Film), including 75, 100 micron GMP Pronex Cold UV Film(Soft Touch Cold Film). Features include
variable speed and pressure adjust handle, for laminating thickness and pressure, mounting thickness setting.