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SURELAMPLUS - 800DS/PC800DBS/PC1250DS, running at a high speed of 15m/min, realizes the incorporated
technology of Heat Shoe and Hot Roll which works best for heat sensitive media prints. And just an easy exchange
of embossing rollers provides various embossing results. Right choice for lamination service shop, print shop,
photo shop and advertisement material manufactures to make various Lamination & Embossing on photograph,
bookcover, file cover, postcard, pamphlet, etc.
Single side laminator and encapsulator. Laminating speed 15 m/min. Decurling bar. Manual feed and slit
cutting. PCR800DBS model comes with Perforator, Film cutter, Rewinder, Burster cutter.
Maximum laminating speed of 15m/min
Consumption of film
   - PET base Heat Seal Laminating Films from 25 mic up to 250 mic
   - PHOTONEX Film(PVC Base Embossed) 100 mic up to 500 mic
   - POLYNEX Film(Thermal OPP) 25 mic up to 40 mic
Special Features
   - Heat shoe & Hot roller combination
   - Digital display of temperature and machine speed for precise process control
   - (8 bit microprocessor)
   - 9 memory settings for temperature, speed, and gap
   - De-curling device for single sided lamination
   - Top and bottom film alignment system(Patented)
   - User friendly LCD Display controls for all laminating settings
   - Film Perforcutter for single sided lamination (800DS/Option)
   - Designed for dual film core and stronger unwinder shaft
   - Various Embossing Textured Effect with interchangeable rollers (Option)
   - Linen texture, Fine texture, Leather, Sparkler